Plant based developer workshop

This workshop was funded by Rebecca Vassie Trust’s pilot programme for education and project development.

Earlier this year, photographic artist Melanie King hosted an online demonstration and workshop on how to make plant based developer with mint.

Plant based developers are a sustainable alternative to standard photographic developers, and also offer the opportunity for different tones and contrasts.

In this workshop, Melanie demonstrated with mint tea which has a beautiful soft tonal range.

Around 30 participants learned how to create their own plant-based developers using plants from their kitchen and garden. They were also encouraged to consider the sustainability of all aspects of analogue photography – from paper usage, water usage and chemistry.

The feedback was very positive. With permission we’ve included some of the results from the workshop, from Hazel E. Hutchison and Scott Hunter.

If you have any ideas for workshops, online or in person, then we’d love to hear from you!

Ramsgate, 2020, Produced with Mint Tea Developer. ©Melanie King
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