Separate, Together

As a response to the pandemic we’re all fighting, we commissioned a handful photographers to tell a story – a story that needs telling now.

Photographer Kate Stanworth came to us with the idea of creating an online ‘workshop’.

“When the COVID-19 crisis started I joined a neighbours’ WhatsApp group to connect with my local community in South East London. We began to support each other, delivering food and medicines to isolated people, and getting to know each other. Similar groups seemed to be emerging across the UK. I wanted to document the experience of being physically separated from, but also more connected with my neighbours than I had ever been before. Since it was difficult for me to photograph group members, we collaborated so they could take photos themselves.”

-Kate Stanworth, photographer

With social distancing measures in place, Kate’s solution was getting people in the network to take their own photos – documenting their experiences, thoughts and fears in this difficult time, and maybe learning a new skill at the same time. She had a series of challenges that she set people on WhatsApp, along with some ideas and collections of images for inspiration.

The group was also asked to take portraits of themselves. Below is a selection of the images they sent back. Kate tells us: “I liked the similarities and differences in their approaches. I am comforted to know that these people would be around if I ever needed help. We are planning to have a street party when all this is over.”

Kate will be showing more from this project when she takes over our Instagram 20-26 April.

Separate, Together: Portraits

Window photo (top) by William Cullerne Bown. Collage photos by Fiona Quinn, Jane Lindsay, Chloe Ashmore, Al @climbowe, William Cullerne Bown, Joss Tasker Wallace @jmltw_ace, Charlotte Crowe, and Rachael Jolley




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