Preview: Waka – Savannah Dodd

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Savannah Dodd –

Waka means “home” in Luganda. It is meant to transmit the feeling of time passing slowly.

In this series depicting peaceful, well-maintained homes from the Kyotera District of Uganda, Savannah Dodd challenges our expectations of of rural Sub-Saharan Africa.

Many of the houses are brick and mortar, just as you might find in America. “One house”, Dodd remarks, “reminds me of the area where my father grew up in rural Georgia, with tall trees and red clay”.

The term “village” is used to describe the area; Dodd says from this she imagined a collection of houses, close together. The houses were in fact spread out over 10 kilometres.

These images were taken in the middle of the day, when people were away at work.

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